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The average termite nest is located approximately fifteen feet under your house and may contain upwards to 100,000 termites before you begin to notice anything. Similar to ants, termites take orders from a Queen and retrieve food for the colony, but at the expense to your home! Termites can go undetected for months, and even years, to the naked eye.

You may be wondering how you got termites in the first place. Termites are a swarm style insect, similar to bees, in that they fly around after the Phoenix Monsoon Season and randomly land on homes. They then shed their wings and burrow up to fifteen feet under your house before creating a complex tunnel system that runs under and through your home. So how do you protect against getting termites? You don't! But don't worry, our termite experts are highly skilled and educated at removing termites from your home.

Termidor SC and Termidor HE is the only recognized product by termite experts to effectively remove termites from your home. Don't be sold on any other product as they simply do not work. Termidor has been proven effective to kill the Queen, which is the secret to killing the remainder of the colony. Without the Queen, the colony begins to die in just 60 days. Termidor, when properly applied, has shown effective at keeping termites away for up to 5 years.

Our technicians at Environmental Pest & Termite Control are the Phoenix Termite Experts and are officially licensed to use Termidor and offer up to a 5 year warranty for your service. Because you can't take your house with you when you move, the warranty coverage stays with your home and is transferred to the new home owner at the time of sale.

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Common Signs of Termites


Termites are most known for their tubes. They are typically near baseboards, in the corners or ceilings, or can sometimes protrude from a wall or ceiling up to 18 inches long! If you see these, call us immediately to schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate.


As evidence of termites breaking through walls, ceilings, and baseboards to form their tubes, they leave behind piles of dust. Other bugs and insects don't leave this dust behind so finding dust can indicate a termite infestation.

Home Foundation Mud Veins

Termites often travel from underground to the inside of your house by going up the visible foundation slab of your home. When doing so, they leave behind what appear to be mud veins. These are similar to a termite tube, but are much larger in terms of width.

Wood Rot

Termites are famous for feeding on wood. They tend to focus on outdoor wood support beams and leave behind what appear to be traditional wood rot signs such as paint peeling or exposed wood, as if the weather had produced it.